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Alan Streets About

Alan Streets has developed a style of his own that, like most great artists, is not an imitation of anyone. Add Comment


Alan Streets- BROCHURE

From the Streets, comes the city's most exciting new artist.

With thousands of followers in New York and around the world, with online forums, myspace pages, blogs, and websites--Alan Streets is emerging as New York City's most exciting new artist. The subject of a wildly popular documentary film, My Name is Alan and I Paint Pictures, and of a massive online grassroots campaign to bring his work to the general public, Alan has already become famous in America and Europe for his takes on New York City landmarks and his unique perspective on everyday sights. An artist who expresses his soul on the canvas, Alan has been compared to such masters as Picasso, van Gough, and even with more contemporary geniuses like Basquiat.

From London to New York.

Alan has been painting since the age of 8. Never accepting the conservative academia of art-school, Alan learned his craft by doing. Painting endlessly since childhood, Alan has developed a style of his own that, like most great artists, is not an imitation of anyone. While other artists were sitting in classrooms, Alan was painting; while others were vying for grants and interning at galleries, Alan was painting; while most artists were letting others tell them how to see and how to feel, Alan was painting what he saw and what he felt.

A thousand paintings, a thousand stories. One City.

A New Yorker and an outsider, Alan's paintings and visions of New York have helped re-define how we look at the city. No matter the weather, no matter the season, Alan can be found hauling around his tools and paints everyday, as much a fixture of the city streets as the buildings he paints. Leaving early in the morning, coming home late at night; on any given afternoon you can see Alan on your street-corner giving you a completely new perspective on a landmark you've passed a thousand times.

In one famous series of paintings, Alan presented New Yorkers with a completely new take on one of their most famous landmarks: The Brooklyn Bridge. Playing with perspective and color, Alan gave the East River's legendary bridge a heart and soul never before seen. In an examination of the Statue Of Liberty, Alan took away the statue's mystique and gave it a shockingly human interpretation. The Empire State Building, the Flatiron Building, and Times Square; Alan has re-envisioned New York in a perspective that is uniquely his and completely fresh.

But more that just the city's famous landmarks; Alan has explored the lesser known sights and neighborhoods of the five boroughs. From housing projects in the Bronx to trainyards in Brooklyn, Alan has revealed that some of the things we pass by without looking at are what truly make New York, New York.

From Critics to Taxi Drivers

Alan's work had been sought by serious art collectors and ordinary New Yorkers. It__™s appeared in galleries, in trendy clothing stores, and on street displays. His work has been written about in many major publications such as Metro New York, The Soho Journal, and Newsday. His paintings have been analyzed by art critics and enjoyed by taxi drivers. His fans and followers, connecting through online communities built around his work, include everyone from art theorists who've read about him in magazines, to people on the street who've passed by him while he worked.

Alan's work has appeared in galleries and shows, but, for now, the best way to get one of his highly sought-after, limited edition pieces is on his website:


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