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Alan Premel Art Blog

Artwork for my new Children's Book (by Alan Premel)

by alanpremel , May 8, 2013—05:00 AM

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I am pleased to announce that I am going to be doing a new children's book which I am very excited about.

The concept and idea is simple really - Create a character that children will find entertaining a the same time as educate them on what their mothers, fathers, uncles or family members who are in the United States Marine Corps goes through when they enter boot camp.

'Semper Fry', a wildly entertaining and fun read for younger listeners and readers which entails the journey of a fat spud in small town America. The challenge for me in not only writing and doing the artwork for my next children's book has been trying to find a balance between writing something catchy and fun that can hold someone's attention and bringing to life a boring lifeless potato who needs to find his own inspiration, determination and motivation to really make this character come to life.

Bringing this spud to life is going to take more than creative writing with a couple of quick pokes at humor - it is going to take some inspiration on my own part to create something that is visually funny and honor the U.S. Marine Corps at the same time. A goal of mine since childhood was to be awarded the Caldecott medal for artwork on my own graphic novel or book so I anxiously accept the challenge since I am still without such a title and honor.

Semper Fry, the making of a U.S. Marine, a lean mean French fry machine where he takes on his arch nemesis waffle fry!

The tools of my trade - Pen and Ink. Ready, Set, Create! - Alan Premel



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