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Alan Premel About

An Internationally recognized arist, Alan Premel, also entrepreneur who blazed his own trail with his intelligence art and spy comics. His paintings and comic pieces hang in offices and foyers in America's fortune 500 companies and his intelligence humor and spy comics grace the walls of our nations most secret intelligence agencies. Made his name as the covert comic for a decade and also as the creator of the 'patches and cinders and 'godspy' comic strips. Alan has also gone on to find success in additional comic strips 'Langley six' and 'shorts and sweets' comic cartoons. Alan's paintings are common place in U.S and foreign embassies through the 'Art in Embassies' program. Add Comment


Alan Premel's comics, cartoons and paintings have become a visual metaphor to the core of his message and the meaning of his artwork. Inspiring others through doing good, changing our way of thinking, continually striving to be innovative while encouraging. Never give up on your life's love and your true inner passions whether through charity outreach, the arts or hobbies.

After a decade away from his comics and cartoons where he was the President of Pangea Petroleum in Houston Texas after leaving the business world and private consulting he rediscovered his love for art and thanking and inspiring others through his artwork. Alan's sought after artwork can be seen hanging in executive offices and Intelligence Agencies around the country.

Run against the wind, challenge yourself daily to rediscover all the misconceptions about your creative genius, redefine your goals, refocus your vision and tap into that inner genius and be the success you were destined to be. Inspire yourself, support others, sharpen your skills and rethink your purpose and happiness through uplifting, positive and enriching habits, life experiences and relationships.

Let your professional reputation and art be reflection of who you really are. Now Create!


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