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akram Ighabi Namdarian About

I am artist I do ceramic,life casting sculpture painting Add Comment


A Short biography of Akram Ighani Namdarian

I was born in Kermanshah-Iran . Having completed the high school in that city, I went to Tehran to follow my higher education ,and I finished my degree in doctor of chiropractic in U.S.A.

While working for an aluminum extrusion manufacturing company, I decided to actualize my interest in painting that had been ingrained in my soul since I was in middle school. In this period my work consisted mainly of portraits.

I got married in 1978 and my son was born in 1980. The requirements of a married life and our sojourn in the United States and the birth of my daughter in 1988 brought all my efforts in painting to a halt. It was only after my son__™s graduation that I could regain my activities. My lovely husband has always been a source of encouragement.

I believe in the sanctity of arts because I consider it to be an emanation of the human soul. That is why in my paintings the form is at the service of the contents of my thoughts and feelings and not the other way around.

It is the function of a sensitive photographic film to depict the reality as it is, but it is definitely the artist that depicts the feelings and thoughts which has been evoked by that crude reality in a human being.



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