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Abraham Fisher World before storm

PairsMusical Instruments at the Flea MarketThree men in two boatsWorld before stormThe cat in the portDesert and water
World before storm
35" x 47" x 1"
Painting / Oil
On Hold at $4000.00

World before storm

In this painting, dated 2008 and framed, I use thick oil colors applied with palette or painting knifes, yet at the same time the colors applied layer by layer appear transparent. I prefer to paint in a free style enjoying the application and tangible quality of heavy and thick oil paint with bright and expressive colors. I blend the colors up to an impasto surface, almost three dimensional sculpturing, yet the vibrant and vivid colors remain fresh and pure. The layers of oil colors meld together to form a texture that produces a kinetic-like image, enhanced by “Tsunami-like” movements and stormy strokes of colors, high energy and passion. For more details please send me an emal.