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Adam Noel About

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Adam Noel graduated in 2002 from Herron School of Art & Design where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography. His artistic repertoire also includes painting, sculpture, and graphic design. The new works by Adam Noel feature vintage nautical photographs and stereographs in combination with various collage and mark-making techniques. These are rare, one-of-a-kind snapshots that have been lost or tucked away for years. The artist has given the images new life and an enhanced narrative by superimposing them with text, ink, paint, gunpowder, graphite, epoxy and various other materials. "Lately I have been repurposing images in order to breath new life into these relics. By adding my own layering and content to the subjects I build upon the original history of the photographs. I love to keep the work loose and unrestricted. The unplanned aspect of the final piece is essential to my process. There is a fortuitous outcome to each of the images that adds a freshness to the work._____ Adam is currently working from his studio in the historic Stutz Building and exhibiting work in Indianapolis and Key West Florida.


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