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Acacia Jade About

I have been drawing since i can remember. Now, I've been getting into painting as well. I do abstract oil, watercolour, and i use graphite pencils. I enjoy what i do, and i draw and paint whenever I can. I'm always open to new ideas and techniques. Add Comment


When I was little, I would draw non-stop. Whenever I could I would draw. Then, I started to pratice more and more techniques. The artist that insprired me most was Amy Brown. She's what insrired me to draw and paint. I love to use watercolour, and oil. Another technique I've always loved, and have been working on is realism.

I've always done better in school when I learn through the arts. I don't have much experience, but I've been making art from a very young age. I'm involved in the PAH Program (Pomona Arts and Humanities), and have gotten some awards from my schools for my artwork. This is my passion, and what I love to do.

Now I'm in high school persuing my art career...


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