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Tim Seaward About

My works are meditations - the journey to the source of the soul. It is a voyage that takes one to such evocative places as the Garden of Acceptance, the Cave of Creativity, the Cottage of Remembrance, the Plain of Discovery, and others. Each picture is an observation or reaction to the many experiences found in these places. You will see three distinct styles: surreal, linear work, and abstract. These styles are employed to depict the different aspects of the artist: The surreal work stands for the complex dilemma's of the human. The linear work __" the journey to the source of the soul. The abstract work - contemplations on the source. Many of these pictures are inspired by the works of Meister Eckhart - a 14th century christian mystic whose enigmatic descriptions of the world, the universe, and everything evoke images that can only be described as abstract, or even surreal! Add Comment


Tim Seaward first became aware of the alchemy of applying paint to board at the vibrant age of seven, and ever since he has travelled on many adventures trying to acquire that appropriate knowledge and wisdom.

Tim believes that through the meditative practice of painting not only is the soul revealed but also the path to the source of the soul is tentatively mapped out. So his aim is to share what he "sees" so that the observer might look into each image and perhaps glean a positive "something" which can almost be touched and held.

He has work in many countries throughout the world, and he has exhibited in London, Birmingham (including the Royal Birmigham Society of Artists), Manchester, Bristol, Bath, and other outlying areas. He has been commissioned by BBC TV, Central TV, British Telecommunications, Pye Telecommunications, and has pieces in the Sheraton Hotel in Brussels, and the Wiltshire County Archives, England. Tim now lives and works in France.


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