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The Arron Bennoah About

Arron Bennoah is an assemblage artist whose innovative work in chicago is making a stir in the Chicago arts community. His body of work is exhibited in Chicago Illinois. As an exhibitor his works have caught the attention of many in fine arts communty and he continues to develop new work and does monthly showings in that venue. 3 comments


New to the fine arts community, the Art of Arron Bennoah has given new life to the concepts of historical and illustrative art. His style using Assemblage (mixed media) has given us a fresh look at found object art.

As an illustrator for over thirty years. This artist stepped away from the world of conventional art to express his genre of folk art. He has focused his concentration on developing art that gives the world a view of the history of mankind, based on the biblical narrative of the Children of Noah. Being a Noachide by faith, he has sought to develop art which will help in the growth and identity of that community.

Beginning with Noah, the flood, the Ark and Noah's sons, his work outlines the historical family tree of the seventy nations listed in the bible. He fleshes out each person listed in that genealogy through mixed media on different backgrounds.

We look for this art to be with us as a historical back drop to bring all men together regardless of race, creed, or faith. This art is exhibited at the Murphy/Hill gallery in Chicago Illinois. 3333 W. Arthington St 3rd Flr.

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Murphy Hill Gallery: 3333 W. Arthington St 3rd Fl.