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by aartt , December 5, 2009—08:35 PM

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I stumbled on this site - I NEVER (hardly ever) look at the ads posted on the web servers - but the one for artid caught my eye.

It took me a while to figure out how to download pictures - most of the problem is the reckless way I store my pics - and my reluctance to clean them up so as to make them easier to access later rather than curse and mash the keys and abuse my poor mouse.

All the while I have a newly cut block ready in the studio. The anual Xmas card. This will be the 20th year for making them. I have friends who have collected all 20 and even display them. Some of the early ones featured my dreadful attempts at caligraphy inside. Then I would paste a text inside. Finally I learned how to print the text with the computer. But the blocks are still hand worked. It's a challenge to discover a new design for Xmas that won't just be a cliche, and will look good in limited colors. I've been taking texts from church prayers - reframing just a phrase of the prayer with the image has worked well for me thus far. I was daring this year with a mother and child in the classic icon style - a nod to my childhood church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I think it will be printed in one color a red ink with a touch of blue - which makes a maroon-ish color.



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