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New Jewelry Line

by Aarnaquq , May 23, 2010—12:00 AM

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MEANING Inspired by my play "Tas" (meaning "Threads" in Tlingit, these bracelets represent the threads of life that bind us together. Copper was used because it fits historically into the context of the "Tas" play and the metal used in Southeastern Alaska during that time period. Each bracelet is designed hand-forged by me. Copper ends are fully fused and all metal shaping is done by hand.

Depending on the style, "Threads" bracelets are made with solid copper, copper layered on copper, copper on nickel, copper on sterling silver, sterling silver, or other combinations of metal. Quotes on other precious metal types and combinations may be requested.

The ends of each bracelet are generally hammered flat and can also be made with an animal spirit carved and hammered into the ends. Traditional symbols are also hammered into the bracelets. Custom design requests are welcome.

To find more about the health benefits of copper go to:

Custom designs are welcome. Also, if you are ordering more than one bracelet, please contact the artist for special pricing.

SIZES Available in all sizes and will vary depending on the thickness of the bracelet you are ordering. Note: these bracelets have no clasps or locking mechanisms. They are cuff bracelets designed to slide over the narrowest part of your wrist, resting on the top part of your wrist. The open ends of these bracelets are an important part of the health benefits.

The heavier gauge bracelets are difficult to bend so sizing will be important. The thinner bracelets can be bent to slide over your wrist easily and bent back to your wrist for a more snug fit. However, repetitive bending of metals may stress and break your bracelets so finding the right size is important.

To measure your wrist, you can use a tailors tape measure to get the circumference of your wrist. If you don't have a tailors tape measure, use a string to measure the distance around your wrist and stretch the string out on a ruler. Make sure that you measure the part of the wrist where you want to wear your bracelet. If your total wrist circumference is 7" then you are a size 7.

Note: Silver pricing may vary depending on price change of Sterling Silver.

Please note: Every bracelet is designed and hand-forged by the artist, so your bracelet may not look identical to the one pictured. For a size other than the one shown, please contact the artist directly.



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