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Phillip Charette Art Blog

New Art

by Aarnaquq , April 21, 2009—09:20 PM

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I've been busy creating and re-inventing some of my work - and you'll see this is especially apparent in my smaller work, such as the 4 inch Singing Spirit masks and the smaller pins. I've really branched out and started having fun. So many people have said "they don't look like they're singing, they look like they're screaming." So, for those of you who feel that way, you'll find some smiling masks.

I've also adjusted how I raku, so you'll find that the glazing and colors are much brighter and more brilliant in some cases.

What's coming your way? Metal art! Thanks to SWAIA and the 2009 Fellowship, I'll be working with metal welding outdoor art. Watch this site for images and sales.

Thanks for your support, and please let me know if there is something you don't see here but want. I accept commissions - even small ones.




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