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Phillip Charette Art Blog

Business Expansion

by Aarnaquq , January 8, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Aarnaquq, Alaska, Alaskan, Alaskan Native, Pacific Northwest, Phillip Charette, art leasing, art rental, leasing, native american, rental

In order to reach a broader clientele, YupikMask: Alaskan Native Fine Art, will begin a rental and leasing program. We believe this is a way to help more people have access to fine art. To find out more on this program, please visit Should you have questions or interest, please contact me through this website or Squidoo.

Peace, Phillip




  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

01/08/2009 * 12:14:23

I have seen the rental venue work out very well for some artists. If anyone can make a go of it, you can.

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