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Phillip Charette Art Blog

Recession Prices

by Aarnaquq , December 3, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Aarnaquq, Alaska, Alaskan, Alaskan Native, Pacific Northwest, Phillip Charette, Yup'ik, exhibit, native american, sculpture

To all the art lovers out there,

I make art so that people can buy and enjoy the cultural and spiritual aspects of my pieces. When someone is touched by my work, my greatest thrill is when they take it home.

As artists everywhere can attest, art sales are down dramatically. What good is art that hangs on my studio walls?

To help art lovers continue to make their purchases in these tough economic times, I've made the decision to reduce the price of all my work. Once the recession has ended and the nation knows more balance, my prices will once again be at the standard for the quality, level and style. However, for now, and until further notice, you'll see my art prices lowered to help you love the art in your home, and not just through visits to a gallery (online or otherwise).

Peace, happiness, and prosperity to everyone.




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