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Phillip Charette Art Blog

Show Opening, Stoniington Gallery, Seattle

by Aarnaquq , December 3, 2008—09:08 AM

Topics: Aarnaquq, Alaskan, Hib Sabin, Pacific Northwest, Phillip Charette, Seattle, animal transformation, exhibit, lipstick, show opeining

Thursday night, December 4, will be the opening of an exhibition titled "Transformation and Change on the Pacific Northwest Coast" at the Stonington Gallery in Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA. This is a joint exhibition with myself and Hib Sabin. If you can make it at any time through the month, I know you'll be glad you made the trip. If you can make it Thursday night, please be sure to introduce yourself.





  Lisa JonesMoore ( homepage )

12/03/2008 * 14:58:21

Beautiful work! I'll try to stop by on Thursday during Art Walk. I would love to see them in 3D.

--Lisa JonesMoore
Mixed Media Artist

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