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Hi my names Emma I am currently a student at Buckinghamshire uni 3rd Year in High Wycombe I am studying spatial design before that I went to west Herts college in Watford for three years first was art and design the other two was 3D design. I can not pin point what kind of artist I am as I like to explore different area's so I like lots of things my main favourite style is pop art because I guess that was my first interest was when I saw some Roy.l work as a child it just caught my eye and I didn't like gallery's much back then so I pretty much walked past everything else But one day I was in the Tate at it made me stop it was a bedroom and it covered the whole of the wall at the back. Since then I have seen lots of his work one was in Madrid and other places I also saw some interesting local drawings on the floor there that I thought it was a real hole but it wasn't I guess I like things that are unexpected. I am 22 have no kids height about 5 foot 4" slim brown and green eyes I have two younger sister's Charlotte and Victoria 16 and 9 and a dog called Tilly a west highland terrier love her to pieces love animal's. Add Comment


As in my brief Profile about my education background I will try to describe myself. I haven't won any award's yet so I don't really enter anything I never win.I am a Gemini so it says we have a split personality and change my mind a lot which is true. I was always interested in drawing and the art world since I was four sounds stupid but I was always drawing. as growing up I used to always think I didn't fit in and sometimes felt ignored by people but sometimes I think I know this sounds big headed but some people think they know it all but sometimes I ask a question and they don't answer my question and say something else anyway that's another topic I don't know everything in the world I just like to explore my option's. I'm a very open person I just don't see the point in lying. I get misunderstood sometimes. I don't really have any influences I just normally research alot for project then just look at them then do my own thing except if its's for a client but a little input off me will go into it. I like mixing new with old because I like history and don't want to live in a to modern world but still have places that have history. I am determined to try my Hardest in Life and hopefully succeed in life one day.


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