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Steven Bielak About

I have only re~captured a sleeping talent that was re_awakened in year 2010. I love doing this as it takes me away to another world inside myself. I find my easiest muse is that of portraits and the more done the better it gets. I hope that someday soon I can have my art up somewhere and start selling, although I would miss the pieces that I have done as they feel like family to me. I started w/ watercolors and currently have been working with acrylics. Hope you enjoy what makes me happy, & it does the same for you! Thanks & many blessings, SWBielak Add Comment


was born in Hawthorne, CA.

Raised Redondo Beach where I played LL & AYSO & bodysurfed all near by beaches till after the Holidays of '71. Then moved to Garden Grove/ Westminster area did some singing in school & spent most of my free time at the coast and harbors of Seal, Bolsa Chica St., Newport, Huntington and Balboa. Attended several rock concerts!

Moved to Mira Loma, rode horses, attended several rock concerts! I missed the beach a lot, cooked at Grazionos for about 4 years, then went into the Army. Got out after 6 years. Cooked a little more then went into purchasing and now buying parts for 700 series Boeing aircraft. During a stint of unemployment from 10/10/09 to 8/10/10 I picked up a brush and started to express myself on canvas with watercolors then acrylics.