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Art TV - Excellent Opportunity for Artists

ArtId has been successfully partnering with the Independent Coffee Network, providing them with original art content for their programming feeds to independent coffee houses on the west coast. Now, ICN has merged with WEBbeams, a company who specializes in fitting coffee houses with Wi-Fi for their customers. Together, ICN and WEBbeams have created a Wi-Fi/TV experience that includes independent label music, art images from ArtId artists, music videos, and real-time social media posts to entertain, inform and engage the coffee house consumer during their "normal routines."

By merging with WEBbeams, ICN's art and music content is now streaming in upwards of 175 coffee shops in California, the Midwest and New England. The WEBbeams network, which also showcases ArtId artists on their Wi-Fi log in page, is receiving 150,000 impressions per month.

What does this mean for ArtId members? It is the opportunity of heightened exposure and ongoing exhibition of members work in over 175 coffee shops across the US. That's thousands of people a day, who might not be led to ArtId galleries by other platforms. They will be able to see ArtId membersÂ’ art and click into ArtId galleries to buy artwork while having their morning coffee, afternoon latte or evening mocha cappuccino.

To be a part of the ICN Art TV content, visit our Calls for Art page.

Check out an ICN/WEBbeams coffee shop near you!

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