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Art Video Contest

Win National Exposure, Art Supplies, Frames, and Online Galleries!

ArtId is happy to announce it's first video contest! This contest is open to all members (except ArtId staff) and hopes to encourage artists to use video as a way to promote their art and their genius! If you are not yet a member, join for free or at any level to participate.

Official Contest Rule
1. Artists are asked to submit their art-related videos of up to 3 minutes in length through thier ArtId gallery within the 48 hour period between 12am on May 7th and 12pm on May 8th. See upload instructions below.

2.Categories for winning videos are: Best Montage, Most Humorous, Most Informative, Most Creative. A fifth category for Most Views will also be named a winner.

3.Acceptable file formats - .WMV, .MOV, .AVI and .MPEG. Files can be no larger than 1024 MB. To win the ICN prize, videos must be clear and viewable at full computer screen size.

4.Videos must be art-related. Artists are free to highlight themselves and their artwork, art techniques, issues in the artworld, and any other art-related content as they see fit.. As always, ArtId will not accept a video which promotes violence, hate, pornography, the sale of illegal substances or other illegal items. We reserve the right to take down any such videos.

5. On May 11- 31, visitors to the ArtId voting page will be able to view and vote for their favorite videos in the above mentioned catagories.

6. Videos will appear simultaneously on the artidmembers YouTube channel, in the artists ArtId gallery and on the ArtId voting page as well as other subsequent ArtId pages.

7. Voters may place multiple votes. Artists are encouraged to share their videos through emails and other social media sites to increase voting on ArtId. Copy and paste the "Embed" code that appears with your video into emails, Facebook notes, blog posts, etc. The more you share your videos with friends and family, the more views and, hopefully, votes your video will recieve.

8. Winners will be announced by ArtId on June 1.


Best Montage - $75 worth of art products from Eart Safe Products.

Most Informative - $100 gift certificate from Hartford Fine Art and Framing

Most Humorous - Lifetime Gold Membership to ArtId

Most Views - Automatic inclusion of your video in the ICN Art TV broadcast + a year's free Gold Membership toArtId.

Most Creative - $75 worth of art supplies from Rex Art.

Upload Instructions:
Artists will upload videos through their ArtId galleries, which will also make the videos available for viewing on Youtube. If you are not yet a member, join at any level to participate.

1. Click the YouTube Video link in your ArtId gallery.
2. Click "Upload A Video".
3. Type in the title of your video into the field called "Title".
4. In the Description field, type "Art Video Contest Submission" followed by your name and the description of the video. For example " Art Video Contest Submission by Maria Williams-Russell. This video is about my art."
5. Tags work like keywords: Type words that describe your video and separate them by commas. For example: art video, how to paint, pallette knife, fine artist.

ArtId reserves the right to use the winning videos on its website and in its marketing.

Note: If you are using music in your video, make sure that you use music that is in the public domain and is not copyrighted. Youtube will shut the audio off on your video and ArtId will have to disqualify your video from the contest.