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Buyers FAQ

Who is actually selling the art on ArtId?

Each artist on ArtId represents themselves and acts as the seller of their own work. Buyers who are interested in purchasing art from a particular artist must visit the artists ArtId and follow the purchasing instructions given by the artists.

How Can I Buy A Piece Of Art on ArtId?

There are several methods in which you can purchase art on ArtId.

  1. In many cases the artist will accept Paypal payments, which allows the buyer to purchase artwork immediately with a major credit card or bank transfer.
  2. If the artist does not have a Paypal button next to their artwork, the artist will have placed a “Buy Now” button beside the artwork which leads the buyer to a short online form through which he/she can contact the artist and let them know of the interest to buy. The artist will respond to the query through email and work out a payment strategy with the buyer.
  3. The artwork may be for sale in our ArtId eBay Store. In this case there will be an "eBay" button beside the artwork which will lead you to a buying page on eBay. From there, you can follow the instructions for purchase, which usually leads through Paypal.

Who Pays For Shipping?

The buyer usually pays for shipping based on the dimensions and weight of the packaged artwork as well as the shipping location.

What If I Want To Return My Purchase?

It is a good idea for the buyer and the artist to determine an In “Case Of Return” policy before the final purchase of an artwork. This way, if a return happens, both parties understand what is expected of them.

How Do I Know My Information Is Secure?

Because sales transactions occur between buyers and artists directly, ArtId does not handle buyer information. Therefore, we suggest you take the normal precautions when buying from any vendor.

Please visit Paypal to read about their top-notch security.