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ArtId Setup Guide

Setting up your ArtId gallery, profile, account, and payment system is a relatively easy task. If you get stuck, however, please refer to the following guide to find answers to your questions. If you do not find the answer here, please email us at A customer service person will get back to you promptly.
The ArtId member menu contains six different catagories. Each category has a list of links you will use to set-up your ArtId. Click on the links listed below to find out detailed information about the six catagories:


When you log into your ArtId, you will automatically be taken to the News section where ArtId staff posts announcements for members only.

Art Manager

The Art Manager is the section of your ArtId where you will add images of your art, write descriptions, and set prices to be seen by the viewing public. Here, you also have a warehouse where you can store hidden images to be used at another time.

The Galleries/Art link brings you to a page which allows you to create multiple pages for gallery and to upload images into that gallery.

Create your gallery pages by clicking on the “Gallery Options” button. Here you will choose a layout style and name your new gallery page.

Upload images to your gallery pages by clicking the “Add Art” link. To select a file to upload, click Browse, then choose the image file on your local computer. Once you select it, the name of the file appears in the box. Now click Upload. The upload may take a little time, depending on the size of the file and your Internet connection.
Every image in your studio now has its own Detail Page where you can put in details about your item: dimensions, price, style, medium, etc.
This feature also allows you to easily send someone a link to a specific piece of art, and people can bookmark items easier. Repeat this process to fill your page/pages with artwork. You may edit the details at any time by clicking on the Edit Art button beside each image in the Art Manager.
You may also choose to sell any of your items using the “Sell It On Ebay” button located beside the uploaded image in your Art Manager.

Warehouse. Use the warehouse link to store images you might want to use later.
4th.Management. The blue “Gallery” box on the top right of your ArtManager allows you to quickly access and manage your gallery pages.


The “Posts” link allows you to add a post to your blog. Title your post, add an image, and create searchable tags to organize your content. You can also publish right away, save, or delet your post.

The “Tags” link allows you to edit or delete your tags.

The “Comments” link allows you to accept or delete comments made by your readers.

The “My Favorite Links” allow you to point your readers in the direction of sites you think might interest them. It also allows you to build a network of people to share links, ideas, and content with.


Click the “About” link to create your public profile. This section allows you to add a bio picture, a brief biography we use when visitors browse galleries, and a full biography that is seen when visitors are in your studio. You also include as much contact information as you want visible, and other links you’sd like people to visit.

Click the “Guestbook” link to edit or delet comments from your guestbook.

Click the “New Comments” link to read and accept new comments to your guestbook.


The “Membership” link displays your current account status.

The “Upgrades” link allows you to upgrade your account.

The “Account” link asks you to fill in information for your account for ArtId accounting purposes only. Be sure to keep this information current.

The “Password” link allows you to change your password.

The “Payment Method” link lists your credit card information and order history. You may update your CC information here.

The “Paypal Prefs” allows you to add your Paypal account to your gallery. With Paypal, shoppers can purchase your art directly from your gallery.

Business Tools

The “Business Tools” link provides an overview of the business tools available in your ArtId.

The “Calls for Art” link lists all the current opportunities and allows you to submit your gallery for consideration.

The “Send Emails” link allows you to send a link to your ArtId Studio to friends or art professionals to help market yourself. Emails are sent one at a time, so your recipients will not see each other's addresses. We guard your privacy and do not save the addresses you enter (or use them for any purpose).

The “View My Comments” link allows you to keep track of your discussions and view the comments you leave throughout the site in blog posts and artist guest books. This tool is helpful for tracking favorite places of interest on the site that you want to visit again.