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From the Artists

"Thank you!!! I hope to have more time soon to take advantage of the new studio and e-bay also. I have wanted to sell on e-bay but didn't want the hassle of setting it up etc. You took all that away and more!!! I'm looking forward to using the Silver membership."

"I have enjoyed having this site - I never get much "walk in" business but I love being able to say "check out my paintings on my site" as I have a lot of contacts and family all over the country ...and the world for that matter. I have REALLY appreciated having the expanded site as I was just trying to figure out how to sell some of my many paintings so I would not have to move so many West and it helped! I sold 8 pieces and have a few more people trying to make up their mind! Granted they were all people who could come by and look at them in person but the site helped to quickly show them what was available. Thanks for answering my prayers at the right time!"

"ArtId looks so-o-o beautiful!!! Everyone I know who visits it for the first time is impressed by its beauty and light. Thanks for a stunning website for us artists."

"It's an excellent site that's easy to use and has a real pro look."

"I am very excited with the new changes and have gotten so many nice comments from friends and relatives on the website."

"I just looked at your new site and like it very much. It seems cleaner, less cluttered and easier to navigate. I have always liked ArtId as an Art Site. It is in good taste and presents all artists' work very effectively."

"I continue to encourage anyone who will listen to become a ArtId member, particularly those who don't have a personal website or are new to the online art world.."

"As a young, "starving" artist, it has been tough to have my own fancy website, but ArtId has just been wonderful. It's affordable and it allows you to say yes when everyone these days asks if they can see work online. I found this to be very important to customers."

"ArtId has been a great starting point for me as an artist. I really love the "new look" seems fresh, updated and easier to get around."

"Because it's human nature to become complacent and distracted with things like, oh, paying the bills, for instance, I wasn't looking at ArtId last year when I signed up, as the practical selling tool it is. It was more of a place to direct my prospective clients to see my stuff, kind of legitimize my seriousness as an artist and also it saved me time schlepping my portfolio to each and every client. ArtId is great for that, not to mention the affordability, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

"Thanks for all the work you do for all of us out here."

"I think ArtId is terrific and I'm glad to be a part of it. We're all works in progress and, so too, is this site. It's great not to be alone in the journey."

"I am amazed at what your site offers and the fine quality in which the images are reproduced on the screen."

"I really love your website. The graphics are outstanding."

"You are doing a wonderful service to all of those "starving artistes" out there and I am happy to be a part of it!"

"I am very excited with the new changes and have gotten so many nice comments from friends and relatives on the website."

"The Browse and Most Popular sections of the web site are really terrific. I think those features will add excitement and added interest to visitors viewing the most popular images in each section of to the website."

"I was really impressed with the new web page layouts and options incorporated in ArtId. The new features in the web site make the site more integrated and add to its functionality. I was very impressed with the changes. Money and time well spent. Thanks."

"I think your new displays and the styles you have created are exceptionally WELL DONE & I appreciate the planning, execution and creativity involved as well as the the results."

"I just wanted to thank you for such a great website. I have made some sales because of my website & love the service."

"This is a wonderful organization. It really sounds as though a lot of planning and vision has been brought to the table and has been culminated."

"I have been a bit remiss in updating the site, but have gotten favorable reviews since I printed the link on my business cards."

"I'm very pleased with ArtId and have received some interesting mail already..."

"Since I began telling people about my listing at ArtId, several friends have told me how impressed they are with the site and that they visit it every now and then. You have something to be proud of there!"

"You are such an honest company and give excellent service. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate it."

"So far, I have recommended your wonderful site to my other artist family and friends...I can't wait to see the results. We especially like it that you have so many wonderful artists as members and that you are located in New England, a 'folk art stronghold'."

"This is a wonderful organization. It really sounds as though a lot of planning and vision has been brought to the table and has been culminated. If in any way I could become a part of this wonderful artist colony, by all means, count me in."

"I am a usability web interface and document designer by trade, and I think ArtId is a great site. Keep up the good work, and again thanks for the help."

"Everybody likes my new website and I'm highly recommending ArtId to all of my friends and family. Again thank you for the good service."

"I have been a bit remiss in updating the site, but have gotten favorable reviews since I printed the link on my business cards."

"I am an Alaskan artist and am very, very excited on being able to manage, add and delete images on the ArtId website. Keep up the great work, you have provided for us a wonderful service."

"After reading about ArtId in American Artist Magazine, and then visiting the site I became really impressed with the sites mission, looks, functionality and just the general tenor. It feels like a very welcoming site rather than some of the others. I like the straight forward opportunity to have a studio to display some work."

"Just wanted to say that you sure have a beautiful site. Everything laid out so well."

"I signed on because it is a well-designed site for a good price and the other artists are all very talented."

"I visited the ArtId site recently and was very impressed with the professionalism and the high quality artwork of my peers."

"You know I'd like to tell you that ArtId is the best web gallery I belong to. I have paid up to $500 to some other highly recommended sites and Big Trees Editions, on the promise of big sales and heavy traffic. The only money I've made on any site to date is on ArtId."

"I talked to Betsy some time ago and told her how much ArtId has meant to me...I've been trying to put into words what exactly it HAS meant...well, for a start, all of my conversations with all of you have been helpful and positive, Carla kindly came to my Springfield Fine Arts show during the summer, that was chose me to be in your first ever fine art show in New York a year ago last summer...I received a good contact from someone who has become my art rep .in California, through you...I feel'reprasented' in a much more tangible way then I might by a gallery, by ArtId...all in all I love all of you. Thank you for your nurturing,affectionately,Kris."

"Thank you and the rest of the ArtId staff so very much for sending me the letter explaining how to enter the data into my studio. It was tremendously helpful! I am so thrilled to be a member of ArtId. I think it is a great concept and I will give the extra brochures you sent me to my art group here in Knoxville."

"Hi Peter and thank you for your comments. I would love to paint much larger trees, but for now will stay with the 3x4' range. I just today received a e-mail from ArtId that someone wants to purchace my 'Graveyard Tree'. This is my first experience not dealing directly with a buyer so I would appreciate some advice on how to handle the transaction. I assume I would get payment first and then send the painting, but I would like your advice."

"Thanks to you people ; I ran an ad in Art World News & recieved a response from a dealer in Puerto Rico. This may work out to be a 'good thing'. "

"My complements to ArtId and it's tech staff for the ease, quickness and efficient procedures they set up for installing a studio. It took 20 minutes from start to finish."

"Thanks for your help the other night. Your site is very user friendly to use and edit."

"Congratulations! The site is as beautiful as you all wanted it to be. It is easy to navigate and intelligently designed. Most importantly, it is so very inviting and appealing."

"I sincerely appreciate your prompt assistance and your kind words about my work. You guys are a genuine pleasure with which to deal."

"Dear Staff: I really like the changes you've made to the site. .... so much
easier to find the artists. Thank you." Nancy

"I want to let you know how very much I appreciate all of you at ArtId who have clearly been actively working to improve the site with new features and as well as promote your artists. I have been listed in three other artists' sites and cancelled each one because they can't hold a candle to you guys!! I'm looking forward to the new feature that allows us to track the number of hits for each work on the site. This is invaluable information for those of us who may be considering going into the print market. Sincere thanks again." Annette

"The site you are providing is absolutely wonderful! Very well done, easy navigation, user friendly. You should be very proud of this endeavor. I am very happy to be part of this and I have notified several other people about this site. I will continue to do so. The whole concept is extremely progressive and will be extremely beneficial to all of us. Please contact me if you need help. I have developed several websites <> and suffice it to say; I know whereof I speak. Good luck and thank you."

"Thank you for your quick response and also for the compliments on my artwork. I am very pleased with the professional web site and artist index you offer and look forward to marketing my oil paintings with ArtId. I exhibit work locally in Ohio and also in New York and am finding that my online listings are greatly increasing the number of visitors to my web site. "

"Your site is a wonderful idea. It is very hard to succeed in the art world and many times galleries don"t want to play fair. The opportunities you are creating for artists are wonderful. Our society needs art just as much as it needs technology. I would like to extend my services and help out wherever I can to make this work."

"I am a member of ArtId and even though I have only gotten contacts from agents I still love the sight. I just changed my entire site and now I feature very different subjects; I took out the wildlife. Check it out! Thanks again for keeping such a nice site!!! "

"I did find that setting up my studio was incredibly easy and I am enjoying having a place to direct people who ask about my work."

GLOBE GALLERY, Roswell, New Mexico; John Bower, owner.

"One of your artists participated in our grand opening show and introduced me to your site. I see a lot of work on ArtId that I really love and would love to see in our gallery. I am taking the liberty of sending you our prospecti for the summer shows and would very much appreciate it if you can share them with the other artists. I noticed one of your artists does a lot of flowers so I certainly hope she will join us for our "Flower" show in Sept/Oct. ALSO, we give discounts to student groups and classes in case you have students or teachers in your group."

"Just wanted to thank you about the heads up on The Beaches Show at the Globe Gallery, New Mexico, under John Bowers. John contacted me as soon as he received my portfolio. He loved my work and told me he had a hard time picking his favorites for the show. He asked if he could keep the slides to show clients! He seems like a very genuine person -- but then why am I surprised - You recommended him and his gallery so he must be real! I just wanted to express my gratitude. I want to keep people coming to the best site on the web - RAH! "

"Thank you ArtId for the opportunity for Exposure to the Trade! As a result of being featured in ArtId's Art World News ad, two galleries contacted me (Bert
Gallery, Providence, RI and Erlich Gallery, Marblehead, MA) for review."

From the Press

Art World News Magazine, John Haffey, Publisher & owner.
January, 2002.

"The role of art in society is an enduring quality. Historically the creation, presentation and sale of artwork has been an imperfect process for artists, suppliers, dealers and their public. The ArtId business model adapts state-of-art technology to better link players and resources for the art industry. Its future is very bright."

From the Trade

CSA, Creative Solutions with Art; owner.
March 28, 2002

"As an independent corporate art consultant for over 15 years, I am compelled to write to thank you for having the foresight and vision to have developed ArtId. Were it not for your site, I would probably never have found the perfect artist for a site specific commission in a healthcare facility. In the past I would have spent an inordinate amount of time looking through shelves of files and slides, not to mention countless hours surfing the Internet, hoping to find an artist that had the qualifications needed for the project....I will now check your site before researching any other locations or materials. Thank you for this truly comprehensive resource to the trade."