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Contemporary Art Gallery Online announces their 5th Annual International ___Figurative/Portrait___ Online Art Competition is to be held from February 26, 2017 to March 25, 2017. Contemporary Art Gallery Online encourages entries from all 2D and 3D artists regardless of their experience or education in the art field. A group exhibition of all entrants will be held online at Contemporary Art Gallery Online during the month of April 2017. Artists should submit their best representational and non-representational art. This competition will be judged within three categories; Paintings, Photography & Digital Art and Mixed Media & 3D Work. Awards will be given for the top 5 to 8 works selected, (this will depend on the number of submissions in each category)… Continue reading… 0 comments

When it involves 3D rendering, not simply any laptop can do. 3D rendering computer code programs area unit thus image and resource intensive that if your computer's specifications aren't adequate, it'll flip itself off, unable to hold the info overload. that's why many folks World Health Organization need to try to 3D rendering assemble their own PC's exploitation the most effective parts offered. While most have already got a plan what motherboard, processor, and disk to use, they sometimes grind to a halt when deciding the graphic cards. Since 3D rendering uses lots of visuals, it's necessary that the cardboard they use are going to be ready to meet the requirements of the user. Here are a unit a number of the foremost suggested graphics cards to be used on a 3D rendering PC: 1… Continue reading… 0 comments

Creative works of Jury Makeev!

by makferson , February 19, 2017—02:25 AM

Topics: Oil painting on canvas

Site: Except already known tendencies in art, Jury Makeev works in new styles, called Spirituart and Symbolens, created by himself. Spirituart tendency introduces you a form of religious consciousness through any works of art, in core of which the author's interpretation of Spirit's beginning lies. All of uncanonical images of Spirit's world, created by combination of symbolism of energy interactions of ancient and modern methods are concerning this style. SymbolenS ( Symbolism of energies in space ). Style Symbolens - this connection of aesthetic visualisation and scientific knowledge in the field of interaction of energies. Most of the works were created with butter on canvas and the other part of author's works-with mixed technique and numerical graphics 0 comments

I am so fortunate to have two members of my family involved with the arts, my father Gregory Fesko who lives in Youngstown, Ohio and daugther Joanna Tanaskovich-Linn who just moved to Cincinatti, Ohio. We have a great sense of appreciation for the arts, because we are artists, yet each of us has a unique style! When we get together we talk about art projects and future! Gregory Fesko was born in Romania, a beautiful country with great natural wonders, yet he belongs to a decade of many hardships the Communist period. He decided to emigrate to US with family, which at that time in early 80's Romania was under a dictatorship. There were restrictive rules, little food on the market, and limited living conditions… Continue reading… 0 comments

Making art is something that has been for a long time a tradition, family plays a big part in this, it also connects with people! We all share experiences and the act of drawing and painting brings out the mind speaking loud in a form of shape and color, contrast and shadows evolving into something beautiful that audiences will react in an infinite ways, some more, some less, some not at all… Continue reading… 0 comments


by jamescassel , February 8, 2017—12:00 AM

Topics: changes, earth, harmony, moments, movement, subtle, time

Our planet, ever changing though unseen by most as time slips past while forces of nature come together in… Continue reading… 0 comments


by robinaanstey , February 3, 2017—10:20 PM

Topics: abstract, art, bold colors, flowers, originalart, painting

24_20 original acrylics on heavy archival paper. My political voice… Continue reading… 0 comments

Contemporary Art Gallery Online announces their 3rd Annual International All Women Online Art Competition for the month of February 2017. Contemporary Art Gallery Online encourages entries from all Women 2D and 3D artists regardless of their experience or education in the art field. A group exhibition of all entrants will be held online at Contemporary Art Gallery Online during the month of March 2017. There is No Theme for this Current Art Competition, except you must be a woman to enter. Artists should submit their best representational and non-representational art. This competition will be judged within three categories; Paintings, Photography and Mixed Media and 3D Work… Continue reading… 0 comments


by Jef_vandegraaf , January 23, 2017—03:48 AM

Topics: cats

I love sketching cats. There is something majestic about the shape and colors of a cat's eye that I absolutely love. I hope to sketch more in the near future, maybe you can send a picture of yours in the near future? -- Jef van de Graaf is world traveller and Continue reading… 0 comments

The 2016 real estate market in New Jersey was very active. In recognition of this trend and the many wonderful and hardworking realtors I've met over the years, I'm continuing my realtor's discounted prices. When selecting closing gifts, I invite all realtors to check out my new Realtor Gallery on this site… Continue reading… 0 comments

Rush, new work oil on canvas

by buffaloman , January 15, 2017—12:00 AM

Topics: New, canvas, expressionism, large, modern, oil, textured

Just finished a new painting heavy textured oil on canvas 22_28 abstract "landscape"… Continue reading… 0 comments

African Art

by yerene , January 12, 2017—10:53 AM

Topics: Arts, african, paintings

Original art paintings from Africa. Oil and Acrylics for sale. A focus on African Tradition and Culture, also the wonders of Nature (how splendid and incomprehensible). I also paint on demand. contact me on whatsapp = +237670879583 or email= yerenearts@gmail… Continue reading… 0 comments

Dog (tri-color King Charles Cavalier) like my Mickie! & Cat themed Animal art done in coloring book with art markers -- too fun, and please let me know what you… Continue reading… 0 comments

Recently completed Tiffany Window design on vellum with art markers… Continue reading… 0 comments

This piece is the one of the most unique and favorite of all. It blesses and flourishes the home with the perfect balance creating a expansion atmosphere to recreate life in the home. On the streets, people were amazed at this particular… Continue reading… 0 comments

inMovimento di Andrea Benetti a cura di Ilaria Schipani 26 > 29.01.2017 Inaugurazione ore 18:00 del 27.01.2017 Sabato dalle 10:00 alle 00:30 ex Ospedale dei Bastardini Via Massimo D'Azeglio, 41- 40123 - Bologna inMovimento Terre colorate, ruggini ed incisioni danno vita a contemporanei petroglifi i cui soggetti non sono pi_¹ bottini di caccia e lotte tra i primi uomini e animali, ma i simboli pi_¹ acclamati della nostra era: macchine, areoplani, treni, la mitica Vespa 50 special, mezzi di trasporto che permettono all__™uomo 3.0 di essere sempre inMovimento e che Andrea Benetti utilizza per ricondurci invece indietro nel tempo, come __ solito fare attraverso la sua Arte Neorupestre… Continue reading… 0 comments

I call you 'followers' but that does not mean that I lead. I could have chosen 'fans' but find it a tad pretentious. You are my viewing public, arbiters of authenticity rather than trends, and above all, dedicated to the multiple reincarnations of my art. For that, I thank you. For your generous patronage, I am grateful. And (dare I say it?) somewhat surprised. After all, I am entirely self-taught. I plod along, determined to continue on this path which seems to be so right for me. Of course, I am plagued by the occasional self-doubt, as when I worried that you, my viewers, would not like my latest abstract paintings… Continue reading…

elf with fairy

by jaybaba37 , January 1, 2017—01:11 PM

Topics: elf, fairy, green

acrylic painting on canvas board. 100% cotton… Continue reading… 0 comments


by neeruart , December 30, 2016—11:00 PM

Topics: Well wishes, greetings, happy new year

I wish a very happy and prosperous new year to all artists, members, art lovers around the world… Continue reading… 0 comments

"Pont Marie", Paris

by paunovicart , December 30, 2016—12:00 AM

Topics: Paris, canvas, cityscape, oil on canvas, paintings, winter

I was inspirated by that Paris beautiful motif… Continue reading… 0 comments

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