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Snow Farm, the New England Craft Program, will be the setting for my week long workshop on Paper and Thread. May 2-8, 2010, Everyone loves beautiful paper. We buy, hoard and admire paper, keeping it in stacks for the sheer enjoyment of the beautiful designs and surfaces. Just as fabric scraps can be turned into a work of art, so can paper scraps. Learn to alter and embellish paper surfaces, then focus on design to create amazing and unique compositions. Sewing can be done by hand or machine. Even those with no experience can do this with ease.… Continue reading… 4 comments

I'm very excited about my upcoming class, "Shrine of a Lifetime", that I'll be teaching this February 21 and 28 (2009). It will be held at Edmonds Community College in beautiful Washington state. We will be creating a fabulous shrine dedicated to a beloved person, pet, place, or idea. Learn about Mexican shrines__"such as ofrendas and home altars__"and their history and place in contemporary society. Discover how to manipulate various mixed media using acrylics, fabric, paper, and found objects, while also learning the art of simple attachments. Express yourself with cherished photos, handwritten notes and your own sacred objects. Your completed shrine will truly be ___art from the heart.___ For more information or about how to sign up, go to http://www.edccContinue reading… 0 comments

When Things Go Wrong

by mize , March 29, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Mistakes, art education, teaching art

I have found that one of the unexpected by-products of being a professional educator is that I__™m also afforded the unique opportunity to be a professional learner. It has been my experience when teaching kids art, that with a sufficiently open mind and a healthy amount of humility, I have a chance nearly everyday to learn something from the same students I__™m there to teach. What__™s even more fascinating is the variety with which these occasions present themselves. Sometimes it will be in the unique perspective and clever thinking of an individual student. Or it might be something I overhear while two kids exchange ideas and offer each other advice. Very often, student performance on various projects is a great venue for gaining valuable information… Continue reading… 3 comments

Children's Art-Walk Update

by bruceklassen , March 22, 2008—11:20 AM

Topics: charity, kids, painting

We are closing in on the end of our Spring Session with 24 children at Heritage academy in Augusta. Have a look at our new and (we think) improved website . The kids, as always have been glorious. What a gift we have been given to serve them in this way. Kids do succeed through Art. The Jr. Leaguers of Augusta, have once again worked by our side, as have the great folks at Heritage Academy. This has truly been an interesting Session, because we have added two new Success component to the mix. We are actively showing the Kids' Art. All the show frames were donated to us by Shishir and Tara at "the Frameworks" in Augusta… Continue reading… 0 comments

Teaching Originality

by mize , March 4, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: art education, originality, teaching art

___When do we get to do what we want?___ I__™ve been teaching kids art, specifically teenagers, for eight years. I__™ve taught at three different schools and in two separate cities, and yet I__™ve always been haunted by this query. ___When do we get to do what we want,___ is the battle cry of the creatively suppressed adolescent who has lurking deep within them an artistic arrangement that would redefine society as we know it. If only their tyrannical art teacher would release his aesthetic strangle hold and allow them to share it with the world. The real issue here, as art teachers worldwide already know, is that should you concede, this question will instantaneously be followed by the equally frustrating statement, ___I don__™t know what to draw… Continue reading… 3 comments

Social Responsibiliy

by childrensartwalk , March 2, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: charity, donating, kids

Kids succeed through Art. Children's Art-Walk is right in the middle of it's 4th 10 week session. We have now had over 70 children through the program. We have learned that we need to keep the class size small... 6 children to 3 volunteers. We have also provided the children with another opportunity to succeed. Each child has the option to give back to Art-Walk a percentage of their painting's sale price (20 have sold so far). The range of donation percentage is from 0% to 100%. On average the kid's give back 30%. They are learning to give...maybe the biggest success of all! Through this and other innovative means we are now returning more than $1.30 for each donor $1.00 directly to the children in the form of materials...Yes..… Continue reading… 0 comments

Making the Grade

by mize , February 16, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: art education, grading art, teaching art

I love teaching kids art. There are so many aspects about it that give me a strong sense of purpose and satisfaction. I simply adore art, and the opportunity to get to talk about it everyday is ideal for me. I really enjoy teenagers and the challenge of inspiring and exciting them about my subject. Much of the philosophy of teaching continues to fascinate me. And I still get excited about constantly updating, changing, and improvising my curriculum with each new semester. However, as much as there is to love about my vocation, there is one chore that time and time again fills my soul with a sense of dread and injustice: Grading.… Continue reading… 4 comments

The Daily Dose

by mize , February 2, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: art education, teaching art

CONTINUING THE ADVENTURES OF TEACHING KIDS ART ! Mondays through Thursdays as students enter my classroom they find an image waiting for them on the overhead screen. Along with this image are a few questions for them to spend five minutes considering and answering on paper. This is their Daily Dose. While I busy myself with taking roll and checking passes, the students are getting into their art frame of mind. After they__™ve spent some time writing about the artwork of the day, we spend another five minutes or so discussing the piece and asking questions. What did they notice, think, or feel? How does the piece relate to the concepts were currently covering in class? And did a five year old paint this, because it sure looks like it.… Continue reading… 2 comments

What is Art?

by mize , January 21, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: art education, defining art, teaching art

TALES FROM THE ART SIDE (no. 1) Random Thoughts from a High School Art Teacher Each semester I teach anywhere from three to five sections of the introductory art class which my school has dubbed, ___Art Experiences___. Now something to note about teaching kids art is that most art teachers seem to view the intro courses with a sort of reserved contempt. They will admit that the beginning classes are a curricular necessity, but they want nothing to do with them. Intro classes are very much the grunt work of the profession. … Continue reading… 8 comments