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Hello Fellow Artists, I have spent 25 years using my art talents to earn a living. I do sell my art work but I also have created another more stable income. And I can tell YOU how to have this business too. Are you wishing you could spend your workday drawing, mixing colors, and making a big difference in someone's life? Do YOU feel rewarded in your present job? You can have a job where people thank you everyday for teaching them to paint with this simple to learn method. Take a short training program and become an Art is 4 Every1 Certified Instructor. You will have the tools to start your own art business. Go to for full details and to register… Continue reading… 2 comments

Soulistry Published on Amazon

by , May 6, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Published, inspiration

Soulistry, Artistry Of The Soul Published Dr. June Maffin has marked the trail for all of us seeking a deeper, creative and more meaningful life. Amazon has released, artid member June Maffin__™s guide to the within. Entitled Soulistry, Artistry of the Soul. June has thoughtfully structured the book in such a way that the outcome of each person__™s journey will be different depending on one__™s answers. The questions are both road map and compass to an often overlooked destination __" the elusive ___within.___ ___Making changes in your life is difficult and requires work, so much so that many people are not willing to make the effort.___… Continue reading… 4 comments

This month even though it's almost over, I find I need to talk about transformation,my transformation..upon a recent injury to my lower back and other related areas to my body, I sit at my drawing table and work on my paintings in pure discomfort. These new paintings are detailed and meditative. A recent one that I have not posted yet is a butterfly. This my just sound like a simple butterfly but its not! I've been having the darnedest time finishing it. Then it came to me in my yoga practice why this butterfly was giving me so much trouble! My injuries, this butterfly...… Continue reading… 2 comments

Dark night of the artistic soul

by lynnehurdbryant , February 17, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: emerging

A fellow artist on Facebook inspired this blog. He had a dark night of the soul recently. He gathered all of his work together and decided to burn the lot of them. He didn't actually complete this task, but he was exasperated by his artistic career. I assured him that he is not alone, we have all been there. I am there nearly weekly. The dark night of the soul is inevitable, at some point, in our artistic lives. It is born of frustration, the inability to do the sort of work we want to do and not being the artists we want to be. Primarily, I believe, it is profound self-doubt. Self-doubt is not a bad thing. I am a converted Catholic of nearly three decades… Continue reading… 6 comments

Art and Spirituality

by , February 9, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: art play, collage, mixed media, spiritual art, spontaneity

It is February, 2010, and I'm snowbound for a day or so in the middle of a small blizzard. Not a ba-a-ad blizzard, just one of those winter storms where, if I drive, I'll lose any sense of serenity I have. Ice under the snow, you know. This is the time of year I go deep, so to speak, meaning, I look at my life and what I'm doing and seek a deeper spirituality, a deeper Meaning. This has been my practice for many years now, enforced back in 1981 by the need to look at how I lived in response to the family I came from, and what was happening to the family I had created. It's been a long, slow, process, painful at times, other times quite freeing. I've been "peeling the onion" of numerous layers and still haven't quite gotten to the core. Will I ever? I don't know… Continue reading… 2 comments

The healing nature of art continues to be a theme in my painting. This painting, one of several in the "Storm" series was done early in the academic year, right after a full time faculty member had resigned with very little notice. As I scrambled to find part time faculty to teach his classes, with less than a week go go before the semester began I was feeling stressed/anxious/a little angry/a little abandoned/ and very sad to have lost a very good friend and colleague. As I often do when I'm feeling stressed/anxious/etc. I started painting, and kept painting for quite a while. I was working with acrylics and mixed media on 6 _ 6 canvases and the energy just seemed to flow out of me… Continue reading… 4 comments

Art And Grief

by , November 30, 2008—01:04 PM

Topics: All Posts

My dear beloved father,Vernon, recently passed away. I am his first born child- hence my first name- Vernonette. I am dealing with my grief by reminiscing happy memories of my father, and by honoring his memory through my art. My father always encouraged my interest in creating art, and he was proud of my artworks. This is a portrait that I created of my mother Anna, my father, and of myself. A photograph of all three of us together was used as my reference. If any readers of my blog here have experienced the death of a loved one- be it a relative, friend, or a pet, please share with me your methods of coping- be it through art, music, through writing/journaling, etc… Continue reading… 5 comments

The ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu was reputed to have said ___Nurturing your love is like tending a small garden. If you keep pulling up the plants to see if the roots are growing, you will not harvest anything.___ Over the years, I have come to recognize the importance of self-nurture and that regardless of what/who the ___love__™ is (Lao Tzu__™s quote), when we care for and encourage the growth and development (of another, ourselves, our art, our vocation), the result is self-nurture. How often have I said/thought ___I__™m not an artist.___ ___I can__™t draw.___ ___I can__™t ______ only to realize that the more emphasis I put on the negative, the less likely it would be that I would cultivate my artistic and creative soul… Continue reading… 1 comment

The Tortoise and the Hair

by marybeth , September 10, 2008—11:38 AM

Topics: chemotherapy and hair…, creative time

It's taken some time, but I have enough hair now that I don't feel totally self conscious. You get a lot of comments when your hair is this short. (I think I look a little butch.) No signs of curls yet though, just a lot of cow licks. Eyelashes are coming in fast which is also good. Gluing on false eyelashes to go to the grocery store was getting tiresome. I'm vain, what can I say? Just back from my first post treatment visit with the Radiologist and he was pleased with my state of mind and body. I've dropped a few pounds, got a lot of energy back and I am raring to go, but...I have to be very selective about what I throw myself into from now on. I was over committed before and I loved it but no more. Now, I like having some time to myself to spend with Alex and my creative pursuits… Continue reading… 6 comments

Getting Ready for the Last Treatment

by marybeth , May 27, 2008—11:57 AM

Topics: calligraphy, healing

Tomorrow is my last chemotherapy infusion. How do you spell "screaming and jumping up and down"? I'll still feel rotten for a week or two but who cares, I have plenty of popsicles and the weather is gorgeous and my patio is clean and ready for me. My friend Jamie came over and helped (she did most of it) weed and prep one of the gardens. There are herbs in that one mostly but I add a few annuals for color. I puttered around a few of the other beds and the perennials are coming back strong. I even managed to get the Clematis I planted last year to survive. I've tried twice before and they didn't make it but this one is off to a great start. Over the Memorial Day Weekend I spent considerable time finishing up several calligraphy jobs that will all be due next week… Continue reading… 3 comments

Studio Spring Cleaning

by marybeth , March 17, 2008—03:06 PM

Topics: All Posts

I was reading Kelly Marszycki's blog about cleaning her studio and nodding my head in empathy. I am genetically pre-disposed to saving things I might use someday. I must have gotten it from my Depression and WWII surviving parents. As soon as I throw something out, though, I have a use for it, never fails. But occasionally I feel like I'm drowning in stuff. For me, the organization, or lack there of, in my studio is in direct connection to my ability to create. While in a productive mode I make big messes and pull out everything I own. Then, periodically I have to put everything away, dust, vacuum, file and empty my work surfaces. I have been using my post operative time doing just that. This is my studio in clean mode… Continue reading… 3 comments

So Far So Good

by marybeth , March 15, 2008—12:01 PM

Topics: healing

My fabulous surgeon called and the pathology from the second excision is clear. Lymph nodes are also clear. All good news. The cancer does not have hormone receptors so I will not be taking Tomoxafin but I am sure I will be taking something else for the mandatory 5 year period. I continue to be amazed at how much progress is being made and how far the research has come in treating breast cancer. Now I know where all that money is going in all those foundations and I'm damned glad the momentum for fund raising continues to build. This image is of a really girly paper design I did for a scrapbook kit. I'm not the pink ribbon type so you won't see any on me or my car. I'm gonna go for plaid - OK pink plaid. OK pink plaid with pink roses. Everyone asks if there is ANYTHING they can do for me… Continue reading… 6 comments

Art and Circumstance

by marybeth , March 14, 2008—01:53 PM

Topics: All Posts

It all happened so fast. A diagnosis of Breast Cancer changes everything. Procedures, tests and office visits have eclipsed life as I know it. Phone calls, visits and mail come at me fast and furious as well as feeling overwhelmed and not keeping up. Studio time came to a halt and my ability to concentrate all but disappeared. Today, after a dozen appointments,a zillion pieces of information I am trying to make sense of, two surgeries and a lot of naps I feel as though I am emerging from a fog. Life throws a lot at you and the ability to adapt and adjust keeps creativity flowing. My life circumstances and environment have changed many times. When a small apartment and a corner for a studio were my surroundings it led to the creating of small books… Continue reading… 5 comments