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Should paintings or nude statues be shown in a public setting such as a Library or Mall? As a visual artist who sets up art displays in public places, I am very aware of our American society's standards of what is considered acceptable for public consumption. All societies have these standards of behavior and yes, the standards do evolve with society. 60 years ago, Tarzan of the Apes was considered too sexy for the libraries! What is acceptable in Europe is quite different than what is acceptable in America also. American standards are usually much more conservative than those prevalent in Europe. In this financially strapped time, Libraries are very dependent on donations to purchase their materials… Continue reading… 0 comments


by Foothills , October 4, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Wildlife, Wildlife collage recycle, endangered species, show

This is a collage created almost entirely from recycled magazines. (The sun is gold leaf) I worked on this by grading the magazine photos by value and then treating the value sketch (gridded up onto 24_36 piece of black matboard from an 8,5_11 b/w photograph) like the base for a big big jigsaw… Continue reading… 5 comments

There is sex, that physical act, and then there is love making. While often playing semantics, there is a discernible difference between the two. Making love implies an emotional connection, a certain intimacy that transcends the physical, and often has nothing to do with sexual intercourse. Making love can be present in all kinds of relationships, in fact, as it is the uniquely human ability to connect on a spiritual plane. Suze Orman says, quite accurately, that women are more relational than men. A woman cannot do well with anything in her life, unless she has a relationship with it. While Suze is talking about women and money, I think this idea is important… Continue reading… 1 comment

Dave Mathews' Ladies

by , June 13, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: african, ethnic, glass, jewelry, native

"While watching a Dave Matthews Band recording, I was struck by the beauty of the African costumes worn by his back up singers. The ladies were stunning, and I knew immediately I had to make this necklace, called, "The Ladies" I feel a tremendous draw to tribal patterns and ethnic colors. To me there is a universal connection to each peoples' experience of nature that expresses itself in primitive art. Regardless of who we are or where we are in our present physical being, I believe we all, as connected beings of One Source, have access to these images. I love that glass, as a very primitive art medium, continues to lend itself to endless expressions of color, pattern, and style… Continue reading… 1 comment

This image is by artist Miriam West who sells her original artwork in Union Square Park in New York City. This is Miriam's livlihoood and for ten years, it was my livelihood too. I became an artist by selling my work on the street in Soho and then for the last three years until last summer in Union Square. I not only survived monetarily, I also made important contacts with galleries, publications and clients who now support me from all over the world. Now the parks department, backed by Mayor Bloomberg want to sterilize our parks and limit the number of artists selling in the parks… Continue reading… 4 comments

In the contemporary art world, it seems pass__ to produce images that are simply beautiful. The successful modern artist, (generally speaking, of course), confronts, dares, shocks, and comments in order to be heard and seen. Is this the purest function of art? Are artists responsible for instigating discussion, for changing the world? Or is it OK to make images that are beautiful, images that simply celebrate the wonder that is also a part of our experience? What would you prefer to have in your home or office? What would you prefer to see at a museum or gallery? I am making my annual sojourn to the mountains this week___no satellite signals, no power___just the earth in all her glory. I will be turning these questions over in my mind under a canopy of 200 year old trees… Continue reading… 4 comments

The Power of Creative Thinking

by , March 25, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Internet, art sales, marketing, tips

If there is any one thing that can bring your creativity to a halt, it__™s a negative attitude. If you think everything is bad, then it will be. The news media has the power of negative thinking and will only report the worst. It__™s catchy, all that doom and gloom and it__™s easy to get stuck in their quicksand. … Continue reading… 2 comments

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