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Gary Peterson

Troy, MI I'm a pen & ink artist and intellectual handyman at The Peterson Institute of Arts and Sciences Research ...
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Jean Rosenberg

Arcadia, FL Fused glass has become my new indoor sport! The colors in the dichroic glass are a constant source of ...

Kelvin Butler

Memphis, Tennessee Realist impressionistic style very good draftsman, portraits, caricatures and children's book illustrations ...
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Paulette Insall

Tigard, OR My art is about the search for connectionto self, to like minded spirits, to family, and to God. The ...
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L. P.

Yorba Linda, CA Self described "work in progress". My art stems from social and emotional struggles and at times represents ...

Elizabeth Black

Salem, MA
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Atlanta, Georgia Bright, bold, flashy hues. Intense attention to details. Intrigued by solitaire body parts and facial ...
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philip brooks

Carlsbad, CA started late in life, trying to be the best artist that I can.
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Julio Crews

Houston, TX It is essential mystery that I search for as a painter. Intimations of a deeper reality inform my art ...
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Alta Loma, CA Cuban- American painter

Christian Vargo

Livonia, MI
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Kristin McNelis

Indian Orchard, MA An eye for jewelry and a dream to one day design led Kristin to the Artists Studios at the Indian Orchard ...
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Joseph Janowski

Newark, DE I consider Myself an Expressionist. I Feel that My Soul or Id is Reflected in My Art. I Am a Male Age ...

Ana Matamoros

Curridabat, San Jose
Costa rica
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Daniel Brehaut

Kentville, Nova Scotia
This is a small showcase of watercolor paintings by the artist Danial Brehaut of Kentville, Nova Scotia ...
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Elizabeth A. Gawronski

Huntsville, AL Landscapes and floral art works in acrylic, oil, watercolor, and pastel Virtual Galleries on line:

Jeanne Griffin

Denver, CO
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Michael Dijamco

Eagle Lake, Florida Majority of my works are portraits of athletes and stars and autographed by that person. Originals are ...
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Charity Rae

Ithaca, New York This body of work is a collection of stories. Some of the pieces are tales created in my imagination

Tzvi Greenwald

Modiin Ilit, Israel
An Israely artist. Paints mainly in watercolor. His paintings express his love for the Israeli landscapes ...