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BeyondeyeGallery LLC

Chandler, AZ The Artist Al Alcantara, specializes in exclusive custom designed Fine Art with a powerful presentation ...
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Sandy DeCristofaro

Chatham, Nj I've doodled on anything that wasn't nailed down since I was a child. As an adult, I've painted on watercolor ...
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Jayne Morgan

Dunnellon, FL "George Bernard Shaw said" you use a mirror of glass to see yourself; you use works of art to see your ...
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Millie Gift Smith

Jackson, MI Acrylics and watercolor are my mediums at this time. I don't do oils as much, because the fumes bother ...

Al Miller

Brandon, FL Non- practicing attorney that likes to "poke fun" at the profession from time- to- time. Also just likes ...

nitin banwar

Canandaigua, NY I am a self taught artist of Indian origin who has lived in the US since 1975. My family is global
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Valerie June

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Native Oklahoman. Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art & Art History from Oklahoma City University. I enjoy
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Eastport, ID Incorporating the wild and natural feel of the Northwest and country life has been a long standing goal ...
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Andrea Queen

Roland, OK I am an acrylic artist, I enjoy painting everything from landscapes to nudes and anything between. I
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Lynda McGuire

Petaluma, CA The riot of color watercolor can bring and the wonderful surprises that can happen between color, water ...
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Michael Moran

Grants Pass, OR Oregon Stones, Carved in the Sun and Sometimes Rain.....! Mindfully harvested
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Patricia Awapara

Miami, FL I love to paint and love color!

Robert O'Connor

Richmond, VA Inspired by the Impressionist, (Edgar Degas, et al.), and also by the Sci- Fi artist(Frank Frazetta and ...
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samuel miles

Plainfield, IN attended Herron School of Art 2001- 2005
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Ikaria Island, Samos
Born in 1967 in Athens Greece. Live and work on Ikaria Island Gr. since 2000. .
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Patricia Ariel

Frankfort, KY I see Art as something sacred, intrinsically bonded to the spiritual. The artist is a worker for the
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Linda Slasberg

Rimrock, Arizona Self taught and unorthodox, I paint what I love, the Southwest, Native American symbolism, basically
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Nancy Cupp

Findlay, OH Nancy Cupp is an American artist that uses watercolor, mixed media, acrylics, colored pencil, etc. to ...
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joys collins

Mountain View, HI aloha ~ I`ve been painting for only 4 yrs , but have been an artist all my life.I live in Hawaii and love ...
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Patricia Jenks

Suffield, CT Making art is an integral part of who I am and is by far the most fulfilling activity that I do as a