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Amy Beth Payne

Niles, MI Amy Beth Geerling Payne ( go to her website ) was born ...
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Carole Bleistein

Seattle, WA "Art is my passion, my love, to create and express color and emotion through it is pure joy. I like my ...
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Jose Carvalhosa

Monte Estoril, Estoril
I'm a self taught artist residing in Portugal. Taste of Drawing and Painting, for traditional and digital ...

nitin banwar

Canandaigua, NY I am a self taught artist of Indian origin who has lived in the US since 1975. My family is global
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Michael Moran

Grants Pass, OR Oregon Stones, Carved in the Sun and Sometimes Rain.....! Mindfully harvested
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Anthony Di Taranto

Chicago, IL
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Maryanne Toups

Abita Springs, Louisiana I'm inspired by the many ways Art is Nature and archecture...the flow and form of lines ...
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Dana Arvidson

Whitleyville, TN I am a self taught Artist living in rural Tennessee. It is not what I do- simply what I am - no more
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Mary C. Aikens

Charlotte, NC An artist who does a wide variety types of artwork which includes novelty signs, house portraits, charactertures, ...
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Cynthia Fusco

Sturgis, MI I am a 53 year old woman whose passion is photography and graphic design. The equipment I use is my heart ...
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Michael Naze

Puyallup, WA from paints to drawings, photography , picture framing I can't get enough of it.
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Gloria Mauricio

Bolingbrook, IL
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Huron, SD I am a watercolor artist. I am a self- taught artist, always refining my artistic techniques by attending ...
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Melody Williams

El Paso, TX
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Deborah Gorga

Troy, Michigan I do all kinds of custom artwork - usually from photos from clients- but my own originals as well- portraits ...
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Teesha Nelson

Oklahoma, Oklahoma I am tattoo artist, freehand drawer, painter, and do custom art displays for home and for your business
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sue ervin

Florence, KY I am a self taught artist. I love painting with acrylics. Flowers and "critters" are my favorite subjects ...
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Nicole Rowe

Hermon, Maine I'm a 30 year old female living in Maine, who loves all things creative. I paint, draw, sing, play instruments, ...
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Lexington, VA I am a full time artist, living a joyous life with my many pets. I work in several media including monotypes, ...
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Fredericka Day

Bedford, TX I have studied Art with some very popular artists including Helen Van Wyke, portraits, Ramon Froman,