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kris rodriguez

Richmond, TX Some dude from Texas
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Marty Mack

Baltimore, Maryland Promoting Self Love and Empowerment, One Person at a Time___ This is the theme that will guarantee ...
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Catherine Field

Woking, Surrey
United kingdom
Textile and Fibre artist and painter.
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Peter Dranitsin

North Royalton, OH I am a self taught and self representing artist. I grew up in the family where my mother a professional ...

Shirley MacGregor

Portlamd, OR I create fiber art because I truly enjoy working with fabrics and color. The colors and textures captivate ...
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Kenneth Ober

Inglewood, CA My current work is about exploring perception and projection through abstract visual means by using ...
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Erika Peluso

Flemington, NJ My background in Graphic Design at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia trained me in the digital ...

Marlene Mayfield

Sebastian, FL Marlene didn't start painting until late in life when she went back to college. Her teachers gave her ...
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Brent Dawson

Waterloo, IA University of Northern Iowa, BA Art in 1988
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Joanmarie Palmer

New York, NY
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Lelia DeMello

Woodland Park, Colorado Born in 1961 and enjoyed drawing through out child hood. Lelia Started painting water colors for a well ...
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amber keller

Humphrey, NE nothing can define me. i'm a constant change of being.
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Toni Hooper

Nashville, TN Toni Hooper is an artist living in Nashville, TN.Her current body of work is the result of a recent trip ...
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Karolina Mikulska

Stockholm, Stockholm
Karolina Mikulska. Born 1980 in Gdynia, Poland. Work and live in Stockholm, Sweden.
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rick eskridge

Parkville, Missouri 59yr. old male, born in oklahoma, grew up in missouri, three daughters 7 grandchildren!
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Lindsey Christley

Troutville, VA
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Michael Bautista

Denver, CO Hi, my name is Michael Bautista. I am a Theatrical Designer by trade and a photographer. I have been

karen Helms

Cape Coral, Florida was in Nursing for years , , , , , , , now am throwing myself into paint!!!
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Arnhem, Gelderland
Inspired by the human psyche, nature, cosmic processes, the spiritual and occult, voice is given to inner ...
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Jacob Kanduch

San Francisco, CA Founder, MoveOnArt! Global Gathering San Francisco, California, North Beach District. 2005 I am a ...