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Randall Tillery

El Dorado, CA
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Edward Weldon

Cross Plains, WI
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Bruce Stam

Phoenix, Arizona Welcome to my ArtID homepage. My joy is in painting portraits and the human figure, using the vibrancy ...
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Johan Jonsson

Lulea, FL
Contemporary mixed media and metal sculptures. The official site of Johan P. Jonsson can be found here: ...
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Cindy Lambert

Putnam, CT "Art summons the very essense of spirit. It is the evolution of soul. It is the thought before

Mary Ann Nelson

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
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Donna Dubreuil Favreau

Westbrook, CT I've fallen into enough holes while walking, looking thru my camera lens. It usually results in a

clifford elgin

Palo Alto, CA a painter and draftsman
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Jose Carvalhosa

Monte Estoril, Estoril
I'm a self taught artist residing in Portugal. Taste of Drawing and Painting, for traditional and digital ...
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Alexandra Lorraine

Taos, NM In my art I like to incorporate my interests as an activist and a catalyst. I am very much concerned ...
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Nicole Whittaker

Bundaberg, Queensland
I work intuitively, spontaneously, and symbolically with the elements of time and space. Strong colours, ...
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Leyla Murr

Bingley, West Yorkshire
United kingdom
I am an artist working in acrylics on canvas using colour as my main hallmark. I paint without a plan ...
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Roger Laurent

Lafayette, LA I received an MFA in printmaking from L.S.U. in 1970. After a brief career as a designer of stained glass ...
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Michael Savageau

Beverly, MA Painting started out as a kind of therapy for me that turned into a source of joy._  I use photographs ...
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Joyce Washor

Bronx, NY
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Dale Lucore

Eureka, Montana Lucore is as unusual as his work. Lucore said he dislikes promoting himself except as a means to help ...
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Denise Armstrong

East Amherst, NY
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Patricia Forbes

Albuquerque, NM I work in acrylic on varied surfaces from canvas to panel to wood to metal to furniture. Currently my ...
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London, London
United kingdom
As a homage to my Dutch roots and because I am intrigued by the beauty of their paintings, I have adopted ...
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Yevgeny Sokolov

Malden, Missouri I draw, paint and do ceramics occasionally