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Bo Life

Norwalk, CT Bo- Life is an African American contemporary artist known for his vibrant colors, multi- ethnic and decorative ...
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Monte Marfilius

Oakland, NJ Thirty years as an investment banker in NYC and lost my office in both World Trade Center attacks forced ...
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Klaudia Warwel

Duisburg, Nrw
Paints is my large passion.
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Michael Arnold

Dunnellon, Florida "Art for me is a creative release, therefore I have no boundaries in my work. I work on what moves me ...
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Dr. Michael Durst

Sea Point, Cape Town, Western Cape, Za
South africa
Dr. Michael Durst, is one of the most exciting new South African artists. As a psychologist, Dr. Dursts ...
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Russell Earl Smith

Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Melissa C

Chicago, Illinois I am what I paint and I paint what I feel.
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timothe cavenaugh

Pikeville, North Carolina I am an Artist based out of North Carolina. My style is always changing but always has the same underlined ...
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john latterner

Conshohocken, PA My name is John Latterner. I have been an artist for 20 years and a graphic designer for 13 years.
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Michael Barrington Palmer

Richmond, VA Pop Art for Decoration

Doug Matlack

Los Angeles, CA Hi I own an art studio in LA and yeah - buy sum artz pls. :)
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Marty Mack

Baltimore, Maryland Promoting Self Love and Empowerment, One Person at a Time___ This is the theme that will guarantee ...
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cisco manzo

Boulder, CO I like anything political, rock and screen oriented and also religious. I like to juxtapose the images ...
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Michael Auger

Gaithersburg, MD Although a native of the button- down, political Washington DC area, the paintings of freelance artist ...
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Kevin Crowley

Milford, NH Artist/Musician based in Southern New Hampshire.
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Heather Caulfield

Occidental, CA I am an Artist!

Jessica Ott

Marble Rock, IA
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Walter Pagan

West Keansburg, NJ Collector of art, antiques, and memorabilia. Love the outdoors and photography.
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Boynton Beach, FL Ghlin is a self taught artist as well as a musician and filmaker. He is the lead vocalist for Miami ...
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Jim Lively

Dallas, TX I am an attorney on full- time sabbatical from practicing law to pursue full- time my passion as a contemporary ...