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An Introduction to PDF to CAD Conversion

by cadyantram , April 11, 2014—11:09 PM

Paper drawings are also referred to as hard copy drawings.CAD format drawings are easier to store and edit and are not subject to wear and tear over time as is the case with the conventional paper drawings

The Fountain of Youth

by rogerburnett , April 6, 2014—02:28 AM

At the time when Columbus discovered these islands, it was rumored that there was a river, spring or fountain where the waters had such miraculous curative powers that any person who bathed in them would be blessed with everlasting youth

Watercolor Egret Among Rushes--Pushing the Color for Effect

by Caroline , March 21, 2014—12:00 AM

An egret makes its way among waterside rushes as it seeks out a meal. the range of blue tones from teal to purple complement the yellow tones of the rushes, while the white egret is the center of attention. The egret is in the sun, while light is absorbed in the shadowing dense reeds behind him

The painter and the poet

by rogerburnett , March 15, 2014—12:00 AM

If the requirement of an artist's model is an ability to sit still, Jessica would fail miserably. On the other hand, if a model's fundamental task is to inspire, she wins hands down I have found a way of keeping her almost still by encouraging her to indulge in her passion for writing poetry while I paint

African Princess

by HigleyArt , March 10, 2014—12:00 AM

Higley-Art African Princess She is where she needs to be but is that where she wants to be....Her Body language suggest discomfort Her Facial expression illustrates sadness and the shades of grey increases the feeling of hidden loneliness

I can only work from a model...

by rogerburnett , March 8, 2014—07:05 PM

"I can only work from a model. The sight of human forms feeds and comforts me." Auguste Rodin. I share Rodin's basic need. Without a model my mind and paper is blank. With the model at hand, colours fall on the page with a life of their own. Wherever the model leads, I follow


by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , February 23, 2014—01:27 PM

I love snow and paint many snow scenes. HOWEVER ! This winter has been a very long, cold and plenty of snow. I long for the spring to come. Each day it snows. Now if I was a skier, child, skater, etc-- it would be different, but I am a 93 year old artist. In April I will be 94. I am sorta housebound now with this weather. O.K

The Agony and the Ecstasy

by rogerburnett , February 20, 2014—12:00 AM

I have stolen the title for today's post from Irvin Stone's 1962 biographic novel on the life of Michelangelo. I look forward, in the next world, to sharing a glass of wine with Michelangelo, and a host of other artists, who have lived and painted with a passion


by paintingsbypc , February 18, 2014—12:00 AM

This painting has very soft colors, with a sky of blue and soft clouds. The water is a little darker blue and light color of sand for the shore

Roseau Market Place, Dominica

by rogerburnett , February 8, 2014—12:00 AM

This is my most recent painting and you can learn more about it by accessing my latest blog entry, titled "He made a mess of dat". It represents one of those rare occasions when a water colour, through the very love of life, comes as close as possible to that miraculous accident


  • An Introduction to PDF to CAD Conversion
  • The Fountain of Youth
  • Watercolor Egret Among Rushes--Pushing the Color for Effect
  • The painter and the poet
  • African Princess
  • I can only work from a model...
  • The Agony and the Ecstasy
  • Secluded
  • Roseau Market Place, Dominica


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