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by GaleOffield , September 29, 2015—12:00 AM

It is about the harmony in which the world flows. There is a link between all things in the nature. We can listen also the music of the nature which soothes us. The nature leads us in a spontaneous way and this process is very natural to us

Public Funding for the Arts

by Jonathan_Wilner , September 27, 2015—11:03 AM

Here on Yabberz I have encountered some rather interesting responses. Some of my readers are opposed to any public funding for the arts


by Ravn , September 21, 2015—11:27 PM

There is no other structure like it in the world-built more than 900 years ago and housing people all that time.When you get over that impressive fact, you quickly realize what a great photographic subject it is. Structural units create a shadow-making and shadow-casting facade that guarantee some dramatic photographs

Art as an Inner Dialectic

by Jonathan_Wilner , September 12, 2015—10:25 AM

Aesthetic Realism a philosophy or pseudo-philosophy depending upon your view developed by the poet Eli Siegel makes the point that the whole idea behind every artistic endeavor is the making one of opposites. Indeed there is some truth to this when it comes to painting

Rejection and Self-Doubt

by Jonathan_Wilner , September 6, 2015—12:00 AM

Artists who seek to have their work shown to the public find it trying paying that entry fee when money is scarce, driving a distance dragging their works to be juried and then driving home with a heavy heart after learning that their work, all of their submissions, has been rejected and the money paid lost

African Cultural Art

by LitaWaiss , September 4, 2015—12:00 AM

This art represents the African culture. I made it while making research on African culture. I made it in 18 hours. This was a great achievement for me. Lita Waiss - Admin Manager at http://iguestblog

When Illness Stops You From Painting

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , September 1, 2015—12:00 AM

Hello Again to all my artist friends on Artid. Since February and until today, I have been in the hospital for 7 times. I am now home trying to gain my strength to paint again. It is a very trying time, but the LORD JESUS has been my strength to live. and to once again paint. Please pray for me to get well again. I am 95 years young

Magic Shell 2 Canvas Print

by RonaBlack , August 31, 2015—12:00 AM

This colorful abstract artwork began as a close-up photograph of the inside of a seashell. During the month of September, a stretched canvas print of Magic Shell 2 will be offered at a promotional price. For details, click:

Multimedia Drives and Their Advantages

by 3drenderingdesign , August 12, 2015—04:10 AM

architectural 3d design Multimedia drives provide over one's imagination. you'll be able to store your favorite music, videos, photos, necessary text files all at one convenient place. One simply has to infix the drive to the TV or the non-public laptop (PC) and play the chosen files

Does Photography have a Place in Painting?

by Jonathan_Wilner , August 8, 2015—12:00 AM

Recently I watched a short video on Youtube that argued against taking snapshots when visiting a place. One takes out his cell phone and shoots away inattentive to that which is out there. His attention is captured by the task of pressing the shutter


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  • Rejection and Self-Doubt
  • African Cultural Art
  • When Illness Stops You From Painting
  • Magic Shell 2 Canvas Print
  • Multimedia Drives and Their Advantages
  • Does Photography have a Place in Painting?


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