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Lunchtime for Swan and Cygnet

by RonaBlack , April 27, 2015—12:00 AM

In Regent's Park in London, UK, I came across a mute swan family -- a rare sighting of a single cygnet feeding with its parents. "Lunchtime for Swan and Cygnet" is the first photograph in a three-part series. The two other photographs are "Swan Family Meal" and "Swan Song


by Ravn , April 18, 2015—06:56 PM

The cheetah brings pleasant memories of our trips to Africa, but one in particular. We were invited to a cocktail party at a private residence that provided an elegant event with the proper setting to exchange tales of the day's game runs and photo ops

sea turtle

by koletrent1 , April 6, 2015—10:49 AM

Heavy acryllic on canvas! -BackSideArt

Spring Flowers

by RonaBlack , April 4, 2015—12:00 AM

Stunning Washington Triumph tulips blooming in Salt Lake City, Utah. This cultivar has a vivid yellow bloom with bright-red feathering. Art prints of Yellow and Red Triumph Tulips are available on a variety of gallery-quality fine art substrates, including paper, canvas, aluminum and acrylic. Click for details: http://tinyurl

Call to Artists for Portrait Theme Competition and Exhibition

by CAGO , March 27, 2015—12:00 AM

Contemporary Art Gallery Online announces their 3rd Annual Figurative / Portrait Online Art Competition for the month of April 2015

Body of a Woman - female nude

by CarolynWeltman , March 25, 2015—12:00 AM

Body of a Woman was inspired by two things. My gorgeous model, Amber and a poem by Pablo Neruda entitled Body of a Woman from his book, Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair. The canvas has the poem written on the back both in Spanish and English. "Body of a woman, white hills, white thighs

3D Architectural Animation Ultimate Marketing Tool for Real Estate Industry

by yantramstudio , March 9, 2015—07:21 AM

Architectural animation is a short architectural movie created on computer. It is a sequence of hundreds of images artificially created by computer and assembled it for creating like a real movie

Oak, Pond, and Field Watercolor Sketch

by Caroline , March 4, 2015—12:00 AM

An oak tree dominates the scene in a field where winter birds safely shelter. Wild mustard, which grows abundantly when it rains in the central valley of California, provides a bright yellow backdrop. This watercolor and ink sketch was done as a demo in a class I gave, but it is the only version of this scene which I have painted


by kitchellstudio , February 27, 2015—12:00 AM

This is an unusual pet portrait. There is a lot of interest around the figures yet they remain the center of attention. I'm particularly happy with the stone bench which was rendered simply but still "reads" as cold stone. Yes, the photo was authentic ... and the bird unharmed

Choosing A Software Program

by GailDaley , February 25, 2015—12:50 PM

Art is a business, and like any business, it is necessary to keep track of expenses as well as income. While you can do this by hand, nothing beats a computer program to track stuff! I have been searching for a comprehensive program for my art business for years


  • Lunchtime for Swan and Cygnet
  • sea turtle
  • Spring Flowers
  • Call to Artists for Portrait Theme Competition and Exhibition
  • Body of a Woman - female nude
  • 3D Architectural Animation Ultimate Marketing Tool for Real Estate Industry
  • Oak, Pond, and Field Watercolor Sketch
  • Choosing A Software Program


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