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Naked in New Hope 2016

by CarolynWeltman , August 26, 2016—11:28 AM

I am delighted to have three of my beautiful original drawings and paintings selected for this year's Naked in New Hope Exhibition. The reception is on September 10, 2016, 6 - 9 pm, SideTracks Art Gallery, 10 Stockton Avenue, New Hope, Pa. Here's hoping that many of you can attend


by stephen1205 , August 10, 2016—12:00 AM

Actually College education is a chapter of student life with many activities, involvements and educational enterprises along with career initiatives. Selecting a college course, working on it and finishing it in the given deadline or given time slot are a challenge for many students

Managing time at work

by CherylRohn , July 26, 2016—12:00 AM

Well, if you are working in an office, but have been always worried about deadlines, it is important to learn some important time management lessons that can help you stay away from the troubled scenario at work. Here are some tips. Read them and let us know whether it is good enough to improve your situation or not. 1

Tiffany Stained Glass Peacock Window

by labart , July 13, 2016—12:00 AM

Last but not least for my July 2016 posts of Coloring Book Images, it's the Tiffany Stained Glass Peacock (with water-based markers on vellum)

The Excitement of Being an Artist

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , June 20, 2016—03:21 PM

I am always happy when I hear that my art was accepted in a State Wide cmpetition at Ella Sharp Museum here in Jackson Michigan. Even though l am 96 years young My passion is still to keep painting, the strength is not as good, due to so much illness these last.2 years

landscape art an introduction and explanation

by wrightsonarts , May 16, 2016—06:16 PM

Landscape art, also known as landscape painting, is the are of depicting landscapes __?? natural scenes such as valleys, mountains, trees, forests, and rivers, especially where the main subject is a wide view __?? with its parts placed in a coherent composition

Paint Historic Terrell

by mgillespie , April 24, 2016—03:13 PM

I just finished participating in a paint-out in Terrell, Texas, where artists had a week to paint historic buildings and houses. This is a building I did in pastel, trying to capture the morning sun and shadow on an old red brick building

ANIMALS BY M...Goslings on the D&L

by , April 17, 2016—03:42 PM

I tell ya sometimes nature just knows how to present itself. My wife and I took a walk along the D&L Canal Trail in Walnutport, Pa today on this beautiful spring day and happened across these gorgeous birds out for a swim. I love how the baby in the lead just happens to know that I am snapping his photo

ANIMALS BY M..For the Birds

by , April 9, 2016—07:39 PM

This first drawing that I am giving a showing of is a Blue & Gold Macaw. It was done by special request for a friend of mine who just happens to own such a bird. I tend to do a lot of Mixed Media work and in this particular case I used Faber-Castell 1.5 Black PITT Artist Pens, Staedtler 0

Sunlit Pink-orange Bougainvillea

by RonaBlack , February 15, 2016—12:00 AM

A macro photograph of vivid bougainvillea outside of The Getty Center Restaurant/Cafe building in Los Angeles, California. The bracts on this beautiful cultivar vary in color from shades of bright pink to bright orange.


  • Naked in New Hope 2016
  • assignment
  • Managing time at work
  • Tiffany Stained Glass Peacock Window
  • The Excitement of Being an Artist
  • landscape art an introduction and explanation
  • Paint Historic Terrell
  • ANIMALS BY M...Goslings on the D&L
  • ANIMALS BY M..For the Birds
  • Sunlit Pink-orange Bougainvillea


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